Rainbow Sloth Crossbody

Rainbow Sloth Crossbody



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When you’ve got a penchant for an accessory that’s whimsical and fun, look no further than our adorable Rainbow Sloth Fur Fuzzle Crossbody bag! The endearing face of this lovable jungle critter has been turned fantasy with exciting bursts of pastel colors created in soft, long pile plush. His sweet black eyes feature bright blue markings over them while a sculpted black nose and stitched smile add to his charm. A silky twist cord strap complements the satin lined interior and an easy to use snap makes it simple to open or close the purse. Give in to the irresistible charm of our Rainbow Sloth Fur Fuzzle Crossbody purse, his multi colored design will bring unique flair to any outfit!

Dimensions 4 × 6 × 5.5 in

3 Years & Up