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Remind your children to pray every day with this sporty “Play Hard Hoops” T-Shirt in Orange by Kerusso® Kidz. The Bible tells us to pray often, and prayer is one of our most valuable pieces of armor! Teaching children to pray is one of the best things adults can do, and with this fun Kidz T-shirt, your child will learn how important it is—even while running hard through life! This simple message, written in blue against a bright background, will inspire kids to talk to God in all situations and settings.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Never stop praying.” What the Bible is telling us is that a consistent prayer life will put power into everything you do. Prayer is our best way to tell the Father whatever is on our minds and hearts. Your kids will not only remember this life-changing verse but will also be a positive model for others they encounter. What better way to encourage them to pray