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This colourful Chameleon is almost of a life-like size and has a brilliant mouth movement (externally activated), due to its thought out and clever construction, having paid close attention to detail his vibrant coat is of the same merit, making it the perfect hand puppet and soft toy, courtesy of the British maker, The Puppet Company.

Chameleon is a 37 cm / 14.5", plush hand puppet / soft toy. He has been sewn from a wonderfully soft and velvety-smooth printed polyester, depicting the reptilian texture and colour (with some added imagination) of a genuine chameleons changing skin, including stripes, the orange spine along his back and curled tail, his head casque and shaped bony forehead, along with his teeth and detailed clawed and padded feet. His glossy, two-tone brown safety eyes, rest above their protruding home, which would in reality help them to operate separately and independently, moving up to almost 360 degrees, with a pink tongue emerging from his wide red mouth tying him together. He is gorgeously cuddly, as well as being entertaining making him an unusual new friend