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Step into a captivating world of wonder and enchantment with Magic Mixies Pixlings Dolls! Embark on an exciting adventure where reality and imagination combine to create an unforgettable experience that will captivate children and adults. With a special elixir and a touch of magic, children can conjure up a delightful Pixling doll that will inspire their creativity and take them on a magical journey they'll never forget.

Key Features:

  • MAGICAL POTION MAKING: Encourage curiosity as children mix water with the included magical ingredients in the Potion Bottle to create a mesmerizing, swirling, bottomless blue potion.
  • SPELLBINDING TRANSFORMATION: The magic words "Magicus Mixus" come to life as children turn and press the Crystal Gem, unveiling the hidden Pixling doll inside. Witness their amazement as they discover the art of transformation.
  • ARTICULATED DOLL DELIGHT: These 6.5-inch dolls feature 7 points of articulation, making them ideal for effortless posing, creating imaginative scenes, and storytelling.
  • EXQUISITE DETAILS: From their beautiful, brushable hair to the mystical pearl gem, each Pixling boasts soft fashion with iridescent finishes and finely crafted shoes, enhancing their allure and charm.
  • COLLECTIBLE COMPANIONS: Unia the Unicorn Pixling, Deerlee the Deer Pixling, and Marena the Mermaid Pixling are ready to be discovered and collected, each bringing their unique magic to playtime.
  • LIMITLESS ADVENTURES: With the Pixlings by their side, children can transcend reality and embark on many magical adventures, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience the Magic:

  • Create a swirling, deep blue potion using the included magical ingredients.
  • Utter the enchanting phrase, "Magicus Mixus," and watch the transformation unfold.
  • 6.5-inch dolls with 7 points of articulation offer seamless posing possibilities.
  • Revel in the beauty of brushable hair, a mystical pearl gem, soft iridescent fashion, and finely crafted shoes.
  • Collect Unia the Unicorn Pixling, Deerlee the Deer Pixling, or Marena the Mermaid Pixling to complete the set.
  • Ignite children's imaginations and set them on captivating exploration and adventure.