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Help your child share a message of God’s love in this cool “Love Stripes” T-Shirt in Black by Kerusso® Kidz. When you are training up a child, there are a lot of important lessons to remember. Pick up your toys. Wash your hands. Chew with your mouth closed! One of the most important things we can teach the kids in our lives is to choose love in every situation. We have hope and a future not because we deserve it, but because God loves us so, and gave us an incredible gift of grace through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Lord commands us to love others freely in the same way.

John 15:12 says, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” Adults often have hang-ups about showing love to others. We are busy. The other person is outside of our inner circle. We might even be embarrassed to show love. Kids are so much more, free and open, and that is the time to reinforce God’s vital command to love others as He loves us. Don’t hold back! Sometimes the most unlovable among us is the one who needs love the most. Teach kids about grace, patience, and especially love. Pray with them, show them by example what it means to love others like Jesus, and read the Bible for solid examples of God’s love in action, and how they can be part of the picture.