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Some believe it is only great warriors that decide the fate of ELDRADOR®. But the Mini Creatures know small things often have the greatest power. With chaos all around them, the Miniatures charge into battle…they vault into their legendary battle pyramid...and then? What happens next? The power to shape their story rests in your hands

Age Recommendation
7-12 years

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Surprrrrrrrise! I wonder what's inside this time? Lava, ice, stone, shadow or jungle? Or maybe it's the mega-powerful Mini Hero? When you open your schleich® ELDRADOR® Creatures Mini Creatures Series 3, you never know which world your brave new friend will come from this time. But the brave Mini Creatures aren't just strong on their own: they're also strong in a pyramid formation. What? Yes, exactly. If you stack the little fighters on top of each other, they are even harder to beat. And they also get the best view ever from the top, which is why that's every Mini Creature's favorite spot. It also always reminds them a bit of the command center of the ELDRADOR® World robots. They often sit there to conquer ELDRADOR® together. In their free time, you might find them sneaking out to the garden to climb on a tree branch. These little Mini Creatures just love to keep an eye on everything, especially from way up high.