Western Sassy Sak with Buckskin Horse

Western Sassy Sak with Buckskin Horse



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Calling all cowgirls, it’s time to saddle up and head west for some rodeo fun! And when you’ve got our Western Sassy Pet Sak at your side, you can be assured you’ll be the most fashionable cowpoke in attendance! Crafted with a combination of faux cowhide and denim, this handbag is ready to hit the trail. Bright red handles with a paisley bandana pattern bring color to our purse’s design while a metallic star concho and tassel add flair. A small plush buckskin foal stands inside the bag. His fluffy black mane and tail and bright black eyes lend a dash of mischief to his expression that makes this little horse stuffed animal irresistible! Bring the spirit of the Wild West to your wardrobe with this exciting Western themed Sassy Pet Sak!

Age: 24 months & Up