Hog Wild


Bullseye! Was not! Was too! Stop the arguments with this Sticky Target for your foam ball shooters. Balls stick for a few seconds, then drop off the target, allowing ample time for scoring. Sticky surface stays on the surface, not on your hands. And if it starts to lose its "sticky," just wipe with a damp cloth.

Publisher Description:

Take your popper to a whole new level of fun with the BullsEye Sticky Target!

Prepare your popper, take aim, fire at the target, and WHAP! The ball sticks directly to the target's surface.

Then, just wait a few seconds, and your foam ball will simply roll off onto the ground! That's the revolutionary "Stick and Release" technology.

Refine your popper skills with target rings ranging from 5 to 100 points. And, if the target gets a little dusty or dirty, simply clean it off with a damp rag or sticky tape.

BullsEye Sticky Target

  • A special target designed for Hog Wild Ball Poppers
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination and aim
  • Features score spots ranging from 5 to 100 - miss target and ball bounces back
  • Bright yellow, orange, green target design
  • "Stick and release" technology - ball sticks, releases in a few seconds
  • Sticky surface stays on the target - does not transfer to ball or hands
  • Cleans easily with damp cloth or sticky tape
  • Includes target and easel
  • Foam balls and poppers not included, sold separately