Meri Unicorn Mermaid

Meri Unicorn Mermaid



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Meri the Mermicorn is a special combination of a fantasy Unicorn and a sea dwelling Mermaid! A magical friend to every Mermaid Princess, Meri features a vibrant pink and purple body accented with metallic scale detail. A light colored ruffle encircles her middle while lacy tulle flippers form the end of her tail. Our fanciful Mermicorn’s cheeks are brightened with delicate pink airbrushing for a sweet, lively look. Meri’s colorful mane is long and brushable with strands of silver tinsel for added appeal. One look into the bright, glittery eyes of this fun-loving sea filly and you’ll know there’s a day of magic and wonder in store for the both of you!

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Dimensions 8 in

24 Months & Up


8" Tall


(20 cm)